Over the last month, I had the pleasure of using the GorillaChoke Mountain Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi. This was my exclusive training Gi for the entire month and I definitely put it through some very hard rounds of training. The look and feel First off this Gi looks amazing. From the stitched GorillaChoke logos on the shoulders back and bottom of the Gi and pants to the custom inner Gi top-lining this Gi has a very premium look while still keeping it simple. With only a few logos on this Gi there is still plenty of room for sponsor patches without looking like something out of NASCAR. The gi was super comfortable to wear and I also noticed that the Gi was not overly heavy after a hard night training and soaking up a sweat. The fit The Gi that I used was an A2. There was little to no shrinkage in the first two weeks when I was just air drying. I love the stitches logos and the custom inner lining that had my name along the bottom edge of the inside of the Gi gave it a great and premium personal touch.

– Paul E.



I love this sweatshirt! Wear it to go out casually and go to the gym, but the best feature is to be able to wear it OVER my Gi for warming up at competitions! Keeps me cozy and focused, easy to take off mat side and compete… AWESOME!

Gustavo R.