Gorilla Mountain


Our most demanded Gi, GorillaChoke Mountain. Limited Edition GorillaChoke Legacy Kimono

The GorillaChoke Mountain is the ultimate high-performance, lightweight training kimono for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This legacy kimono is made of lightweight ripstop cotton. The fabric of the legacy kimono has no seam in the back thus ensuring strength, comfort not to forget durability.

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GorillaChoke Mountain is made from high-quality fabric, and it is given extreme attention to detail. This GorillaChoke Mountain kimono was designed for the hardcore competitors in the Brazilian Jiujitsu.  It is durable for everyday use and perfect for the jiu-jitsu competition. The kimono has thoughtfully placed artworks and embroideries. Fully sublimated breathable mesh jacket lining jacket. An amazing pattern design on the inside. This legacy kimono is a perfect choice.

Additional information

Weight 5.07063 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15.6 × 1.5748 in

A0L, A1L, A2L, A3L, F0L, F1L, F2L, F3L, F4L, F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5


– 450 GSM
– 100% Cotton
– Jacket Fabric: Pearl Weave
– Embroidered artwork

– Pants panels with diagonal stitching
– Stretch rope drawstring
– Reinforced lightweight ripstop pants

1 review for Gorilla Mountain

  1. Paul Espiritu

    Over the last month, I had the pleasure of using the GorillaChoke Mountain Brazillian jiu-jitsu gi. This was my exclusive training gi for the entire month and I definitely put it through some very hard rounds of training.

    The look and feel
    First off this gi looks amazing. From the stitched GorillaChoke logos on the shoulders back and bottom of the gi and pants to the custom inner gi toplining this gi has a very premium look while still keeping it simple. With only a few logos on this gi there is still plenty of room for sponsor patches without looking like something out of NASCAR. The gi was super comfortable to wear and I also noticed that the gi was not overly heavy after a hard night training and soaking up a sweat.

    The fit
    The gi that I used was an A2. I’m a stocky guy at 5’8″ and 215 pounds and at first, the gi did fit a little long. The sleeve measured 30 3/4 inches from lapel to end of the sleeve and the same from the top of shoulder to bottom of the gi top. The pants also measured 38 inches from top to bottom in length. I usually have to shrink my gis just a bit to get them to sit just right and it did take a few washes to get the length of the sleeves and pants down to where I liked it. Shrinkage was minimal when air drying but when I dried the gi in a delicate setting I was able to shrink it to just the right proportions. At the end of the month, I had a sleeve length of 29 1/4 inches, body length from shoulder to bottom stayed at 30 3/4 inches and pants at 36 inches from 38 inches. A good thing to note was that I wanted my gi to shrink so I tossed within the dryer. I saw very minimal shrinkage when doing air drys so if you like the cut of the gi out of the bag it’ll be easy to keep it that way.

    Again I used this as my exclusive training gi for a month. In 30 days I washed it a total of 12 times so on average about 3 times a week. I usually rotate about 3 gis during a week but I wanted to see how it held up under several training sessions and washes a week. The gi did start to fade at about the 2 weeks mark but keep in mind it had already been though about 5-6 washes and I don’t care what gi you have it will fade after that amount of washes. The gi lapel was a bit stiff at first but after a few training sessions, it started to loosen up which made it easier for me to break the grip of whoever I was rolling with. I also had a few comments from my training partners that after if shrunk a bit the more fitted sleeves were harder to grip especially around the forearm to tricep area. After a month there were no visible rips or wear on the gi top or even the knees of the pants. All of the reinforced stitching on the knees were still intact and showing little signs of wear.

    I was very impressed with the GorillaChoke gi. It held up very well for 3 training sessions a week for a month and showed no visible signs of rips or tears. There was a bit of fading after two weeks but what gi doesn’t. Shrinkage on the sleeves were about 1 and a half inches and on the pants about 2 inches but it is important to note I achieved this by purposefully drying it on a delicate setting. There was little to no shrinkage in the first two weeks when I was just air drying. I love the stitches logos and the custom inner lining that had my name along the bottom edge of the inside of the gi gave it a great and premium personal touch.

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